Partner with Agility Fuel Solutions®  and fuel your success through clean transportation natural gas solutions. We are the leading provider of highly-engineered and cost-effective natural gas fuel systems and Type 4 cylinders for heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Our solutions enable the safe and effective use of natural gas as a transportation fuel, which presents a compelling value proposition to fleet operators and end users. This results in short pay-back periods (typically less than two years) as well as significant savings over the full service life of the vehicle.

Agility  is the most recognized brand in our industry for performance, reliability, durability, and safety of our fuel systems as well as our engineering capabilities and superior end-to-end customer service.

The Agility Advantage

When in the market for a new natural gas truck consider the fact that not all natural gas fuel products are created equal. Agility has been manufacturing natural gas products for over 20 years. We have produced over 35,000 fuel systems and more than 240,000 Type 4 cylinders, logging billions of miles on the road per year. Our engineering capabilities are unmatched and we design application specific configurations that are tailored to your exact transportation needs. Our products have been developed, tested and validated by the leading OEM truck manufacturers, and offer the best performance, safety, and reliability in the industry. We also have the most extensive field and customer service organization to ensure that your trucks are always running and delivering savings to your bottom line.

The most experienced company in the industry

  • Over 20 years of natural gas fuel solution experience
  • Proven real-world reliability based with over 35,000 systems and more than 240,000 Type 4 cylinders 
  • Experience in packaging and modeling CNG and LNG fuel solutions on all OEM chassis platforms

Unparalleled application specific engineering capability

  • Designed and engineered jointly with truck manufacturers
  • Largest library of designs and configurations, will give you exactly what you need, whether utilizing CNG or LNG
  • 70 natural gas dedicated engineers on staff delivering state of the art products

Test and validation exceeding OEM requirements

  • The only factory installed CNG systems on the market
  • Designed to meet all OEM requirements for safety, packaging, quality, and installation
  • Extensively tested and validated by truck OEMs
  • Only company conducting 30 mph side impact and bonfire testing of its systems

Broadest product portfolio that sets industry standards in safety and reliability

  • Most advanced safety systems and features
  • Efficient package to deliver the maximum fuel on -board with the optimal weight
  • Use of materials and designs consistent with modern fuel efficient trucks
  • Designed for serviceability and ease of maintenance

Deep commitment to customer service with extensive geographic coverage

  • Unparalleled technical capabilities and troubleshooting experience
  • Comprehensive warranty with replacement parts, service support, and training
  • Excellent field support with 24-hour customer hot line