Fuel Systems

Call the Fuel Systems Customer Care hotline for technical support, field service, training, and aftermarket parts.
Customer Care
Hotline: (949) 267-7745 - Contact Support (Service/warranty/technical support) - Contact Parts (Parts sales)
Monday through Friday
7AM to 4PM Pacific Time
Service/maintenance parts manuals are available for most systems. Please send a request to and include the vehicle VIN and Agility Fuel Solutions 8-digit system part number for your vehicle.


Contact the Cylinders business unit directly for sales, support and service.
Phone: (402) 470-8440
Toll-free: (800) 279-TANK (8265)
Fax: (402) 470-0019

Propane Systems and Parts

Contact the Powertrain Systems business unit directly for sales, support, and service.
Phone: (248) 237-6923
Toll-free: (877) 234-1722

Propane Dispensers

Contact our dispenser business directly for sales, support, and service.
Phone (customers in the United States and Canada): (512) 845-7280
Phone (customers outside United States and Canada): (512) 789-8540