Agility Fuel Solutions designs and produces alternative fuel systems and cylinders for heavy-duty vehicles. Tens-of-thousands of heavy-duty trucks and buses equipped with our products are currently on the road, which proves that our solutions will last for the long haul. Our highly engineered designs have created natural gas systems with extraordinary strength-to-weight ratios and a surprisingly small footprint. Plus, they’re cost-effective and provide outstanding return on investment.

Available Configurations

  • Installed on side of frame rail
  • Fuel capacity options from 17-60 DGE
  • Type 4 cylinders that are up to 70% lighter than steel tanks and are not subject to corrosion
  • “Drop and go” brackets for ease of installation
  • Installation on one or both sides of the vehicle, depending on fuel capacity requirements
  • Integrated Fuel Management Module (FMM)
  • Can be combined with behind -the- cab systems for additional capacity and range
  • Industry leading TUFFSHELL® Type 4 fuel cylinders
European Bus System

  • Strong and lightweight metal frame
  • Variety of mounting options for vehicle integration
  • Stainless steel tubing, fitting, and ports supported with polyethylene bushings
  • Designed to be maintenance free with reduced inspection costs
  • Standard CNG capacity ranges from 750 Liters to 2080 Liters
  • Custom-engineered solutions available
  • Industry leading TUFFSHELL® Type 4 fuel cylinders
Engineered for Quality, Safety, Durability and Convenience.
With Agility's licensed professional engineers and state-of-the-art 3D CAD and modular components, we can assure quality that's built in from day one. Our test protocols are rigorous and guarantee that our products meet or exceed OEM specifications. Finite element analysis to 8Gs and full 3D modeling make it easy to locate optimum mounting points. Plus, modifications are virtually effortless and can be made on the fly. The result is a solution that is lightweight, durable and easy to install and maintain.
- Agility provides heavy-duty truck and bus OEMs with turnkey factory-installable fuel systems
- All products are designed and engineered by licensed professional engineers using advanced 3D CAD modeling tools
- Agility's fuel systems meet or exceed all applicable safety standards, including NFPA 52, NGV, DOT, FMVSS, SAE and California Title 13 codes and regulations
- Agility’s cylinders are designed, manufactured, tested and qualified according to the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 304, Compressed Natural Gas Fuel Container Integrity. They also meet the requirements of ANSI/NGV 2 (2007), Basic Requirements for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fuel Containers. Our cylinders exported globally meet ISO 11439, ECE R110, ADR/TPED, Russian GOST, Korean KGSC and many other national standards.
- Ours are the lightest systems in the industry through the use of steel and aluminum structural frames and composite materials
- We provide complete turnkey service from specification and design through to manufacturing, installation, training and service

There isn't a natural gas vehicle challenge Agility cannot solve
- Agility is able to deliver fuel to engines at controlled temperatures and pressures whether it is LNG which needs to be stored at very low temperatures (-260°F) or CNG which has to be stored at a very high pressure (3,600 psi)
- Agility Fuel Solutions effectively maintain pressure across multiple tanks
- Agility Fuel Solutions use filtration systems to keep everything running effectively
- Agility Fuel Solutions are reliable and safe even in severe duty cycles