Our new 2016 Behind-the-Cab 160 DGE CNG fuel system continues to deliver the most efficient package of any CNG heavy-duty vehicle system in the industry.  Our natural gas engineers pack more into less, designing products that shed pounds while setting the bar in performance, durability and safety.

At 2,150 lbs., this brand new model is the lightest in the industry.  Other significant improvements include faster fill times and a system that is more compact.

Key features of our updated CNG system:

  • More compact. Mounted up to six inches closer to the cab, it offers improved aerodynamics and more available rail space
  • Less weight. At only 2,150 lbs., making it the lightest in the industry
  • Faster fills. Up to 13% faster fill-ups than the competition
  • Max durability. Aircraft grade aluminum structure mounted on rubber isolators to reduce stress on components
  • No spin. Our neck-mounted, anti-tank spin design eliminates tank rotation that can stress fuel lines
  • Hardware. Geomet™ coated fasteners offer the ultimate in corrosion protection
  • Best finish. Pretreated aluminum covers painted with premium paint products at our world-class facility
  • Added safety. All plumbing lines indentified with service pressure
  • Tried and true. Proven and tested electronic control unit
  • Most reliable. Track-tested for 1 million miles, an industry first

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