Agility Fuel Solutions enables a lower priced, more environmentally friendly fuel source that has a proven track record of success and reliability.

Saddle Creek Transportation: A Case for Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

Saddle Creek Transportation has enjoyed the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel for over two -and- a -half years, and are continuing to increase their number of natural gas powered trucks. Watch our latest video to find out why they are so excited about their natural gas program.

Go Lean and Green with Natural Gas


Less volatile fuel prices, creates long-term cost benefits over diesel 

State and Local Government programs may provide incentives in your area to offset costs


Eliminates need for all diesel exhaust treatment systems

20%-25% GHG reduction

Almost no particulates

Substantial reduction in VOCs, SO2 and NOx

No smell or smoke and quieter than diesel


Proven, safe and reliable technology

Vehicles, equipment and fuel all readily available

Thousands of vehicles already on the road logging miles and savings